Large Event Conference Calling

Need a larger line?  We can provide you with a FREE conference call line that will allow up to 1,000 callers and allows you to monitor the call via an online interface.


  • Web Conferencing Interface

Each large event account provides a web interface for hosts to manage and monitor their live conference calls in real-time with complete web-based controls. 

  • Call Preferences

Conference Call Preferences allow hosts to enable and disable features like caller count, entry and exit chimes and the ability to disconnect callers when the host is not present on the call. 

  • Touch Tone Controls

For those times when you don’t need web controls, you may still manage your calls with standard touch tone controls.  

  • Web-based Conference Controls

Web-based controls are online tools, which allow conference hosts to manage and monitor their live conference calls with just a click on their mouse.  

  • Free Recording

Each large event conference call may be recorded at no charge. To record your conference call, please follow the recording instructions provided upon registration.

  • Call Detail Reports

After each conference call you conduct, our system will generate and email a Call Detail Report to the email on file which includes callers’ dial-in details and total minutes used.

  • Active Speaker

During each live conference call, the conference host may view when a participant is speaking with the Active Speaker box provided on the Conference View page.

  • Caller Identification

Every time a caller joins or exits the conference call, the host is notified with a display box which appears in the bottom right corner of their Conference View page.

  • Q & A Sessions

During a live conference call, hosts may conduct Question and Answer Sessions. To do so, simply place the call into Q & A mode by selecting the Q&A button located above the Q & A queue when logged into your web conferencing interface.

  • Audio Broadcasting

The audio broadcast feature allows conference hosts to play previously recorded or any audio files during their live conference calls. To broadcast an audio file during a live call, the host will need to select the Broadcaster window and upload any desired files. Once the files have been uploaded, the host simply has to click on the green play icon to broadcast the file.

  • Free Downloads

Download your recorded conference calls to your computer for future reference or personal use